Procrastination: A Ban(n)ed boon?

Every time whenever we start doing a work, our best friend which is our brain comes in to say “buddy, let’s do it after some time”. Even for writing this article, it took six long days to complete this practice of procrastination. Does the fear of success make us to procrastinate? My simple understanding is that we procrastinate just to save our time for preparing ourselves bigger for the future. By procrastinating in such a way what happens is that our work gets clogged in a stack like form. The recently delayed activities stay on mind at top while the not so recent activities that are delayed gets in our subconscious memory and stays there as a backlog. But, rather than focusing on why we procrastinate, we could get in to see how this could be moved out of our system.

In order to get yourself out of this habit of delaying things, you need to follow some of the practices listed below,

1. Reward yourself — If you are a beginner in the process of getting out of this habit, then this is the simplest of the practice you have to follow. Just lean to reward yourself for the work you do against your procrastinating attitude. “If I finish this work of mine, then I‘ll get myself with this!” This really worked out wonders for me

2. Say NO — If you feel that some activity you do really kills your time, then it is wise to say NO to them. Not just because it kills your time, it adds up your list of delayed processes which had put your head always on a spin. Saying no to them is alone doesn’t finishes the process, it is your intention to work against those activities which will reap the expected results.

3. Think out of the box — From the classical thought of waking up early and doing things on time, this practice may not all of our lifestyle today. When you get to bed at 12 midnight you are not expected to wake up at 4 AM. Also, ensure that you don’t lose your sleep at any cost; as it is the best natural drug available to us in order to keep our minds fresh and creative. Hence, we need to take the best part of those and work on it. If you are waking up at 8AM, then you need to provide the first 30 minutes of day to yourself planning about how good you could make the things look great for you.

Never ever try to give any of your prime time of the day to any unproductive activities, those are expected to hamper your path to target. Use this prime time wisely for yourself where your brain gets slightly creative enough to solve your problems on a different perspective.

Senior Android Developer | AR Developer @ a popular Automotive Company | Prev. Android Application Developer @tinysurprise | IIM Trichy Alumini

Senior Android Developer | AR Developer @ a popular Automotive Company | Prev. Android Application Developer @tinysurprise | IIM Trichy Alumini