Adyen is a global leader in the online payments industry which has worked on connecting multiple countries and multiple currencies by linking up with local payment gateways. Adyen in some countries and regions has connected directly with banks to provide a seamless experience in the payments sector. This has created a unique advantage for the company, where it can charge a very less transaction fee for its customers.

We can experience Adyen in many of our day to day applications or websites like Uber, Grab,, Spotify, LinkedIn, Evernote, Microsoft, etc

Adyen supports multiple payment methods and internationally popular wallets…

The Augmented Reality sector has recently started to have some big attractions amidst this Covid pandemic with most of the things becoming “GET FROM HOME”. The concept of Work from Home ensured the adoption of AR/VR/MR technologies to a greater extent.

The global augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) market is expected to grow by USD 125.19 billion during 2020–2024. The development of AR android applications is enabling users in the retail segment to provide customers with new experiences. Virtual fitting rooms help buyers choose the right size and for business it reduces the purchase return. A similar benefit…

This is an important aspect to convert the large-sized model file to a lighter one. This lighter model can be deployed on mobile phones, wearables, and Raspberry Pi.

We will start by creating a TensorFlow frozen graph with compatible ops that can be used with TensorFlow lite. This is done by running the command below from the object_detection folder

Run the below mentioned python command from the folder


python object_detection/ \ — input_type image_tensor \ — pipeline_config_path object_detection/testing_models/pipeline.config \ — trained_checkpoint_prefix object_detection/testing_models/ripper/model.ckpt-17463 \ — output_directory object_detection/testing_models/tflite/ — add_postprocessing_op=true

This will create a directory named tflite that contains two folders…

Ever since Google announced Augmented Reality based Navigation in Google Maps almost all its users would have fantasized about it. But there have been many scenarios that would have halted its course in means of getting AR-based location marker, mapping of traffic congestion, etc

So, out of curiosity, I tried to work on producing a similar AR-based navigation system on Android that does only one thing — draw the AR navigation path alone. So initially, I tried on with OpenCV techniques to achieve this but it went haywire. …

The online food delivery market in India is expected to be at $3 billion in revenues by 2018. With the market is expected to grow at an annual rate 15–18%, most of the startup that is bootstrapped these days are more towards the food tech. The range may vary from big players like Uber Eats, Zomato, Food Panda and Swiggy to some of the niche market players that target this potentially larger market.

Right from selling fresh juices to baked goods, every eatable product has come online. But all these platforms are facing the toughest challenge with their operations where…

Every time whenever we start doing a work, our best friend which is our brain comes in to say “buddy, let’s do it after some time”. Even for writing this article, it took six long days to complete this practice of procrastination. Does the fear of success make us to procrastinate? My simple understanding is that we procrastinate just to save our time for preparing ourselves bigger for the future. By procrastinating in such a way what happens is that our work gets clogged in a stack like form. The recently delayed activities stay on mind at top while the…

Sivakumar Swaminathan

Senior Android Developer | AR Developer @ a popular Automotive Company | Prev. Android Application Developer @tinysurprise | IIM Trichy Alumini

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